Sensing the City: Experience, Emotion and Exploration, 1600-2013,The Urban History Group, Annual Conference, University of York, UK 4-5 April, 2013



14.00-15.30 Session 1: Plenary: Cities, Sense and Emotions


Opening remarks by Jill Steward, University of Newcastle


Where have all the rivers gone? A Sense of Loss, Nantes, 1920-1950

Geneviève Massard-Guilbaud, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris


City Glow: Streetlights and emotions in the late nineteenth century

Nicolas Kenny, Simon Fraser University


15.30-16.00 Tea


16.00-17.30 Session 2: 2 parallel sessions


2.1: The Modern Audible City: Music, Sounds of the Workplace and Radio 


Listening in Budapest: Mapping music practices in the streets and venues of the nineteenth-century metropolis

Markian Prokopovych, University of Vienna


Acoustic Communities and Eigensinn in the workplace: Manchester and the Ruhrgebiet, c. 1870-1910

Maarten Walraven, University of Manchester


Performed urbanity: Radio reporters in Copenhagen 1931-61

Jacob Kreutzfeldt, University of Copenhagen


2.2: Offensive Cities 


Dirty names: polishing urban toponymy in the Low Countries

Bram Vannieuwenhuyze, University of Leuven


The Silent Cyclist. Traffic Noise and the Introduction of the Bicycle in Late Victorian London

Peter K. Andersson, University of Lund



2.3: Navigating the Urban Sensescape: Senses, emotions and identities, c.1700-



Emotional geographies – real and imagined – of late eighteenth century Copenhagen

Camilla Schjerning, University of Copenhagen


Sensing public disturbance: Sensory experiences of urban disturbances in eighteenth century Copenhagen

Ulrich Langen, University of Copenhagen


Places of Shame and Places of Honour: the shamefaced poor sensing and navigating in the city, c. 1750-1850

Peter Wessel Hansen, University of Copenhagen



17.45-19.30 Session 3: 4 parallel new researchers’ workshops


3.1 Experiencing urban governance in public and private spheres


Morality in London: Water borne disease and the significance of elevation

Nicola Tynan, Dickinson College


Entertaining the community: the evolution of civic ritual and public celebration, 1897-1953

Ben Roberts, Teesside University


Cities of Dreadful Night: the blitz, the blackout and the home.

James Greenhalgh, University of Manchester


3.2 Property and identity


The manufacturing town, the country house and industrialist withdrawal:  The changing relationship of Middlesbrough’s steel magnates with the urban sphere, 1880-1939

Tosh Warwick, University of Huddersfield


Objectionable sounds and agreeable views: building for comfort in the early nineteenth century lunatic asylums of Dublin and Wakefield.

Katherine Fennelly, University of Manchester


Feeling the city: A case study of Nottingham County Borough 1919-1958

R. P. Dockerill, University of Leicester



3.3 Literary City


‘Place is sensed, senses are placed’: Urban poverty in Arthur Morrison’s A Child of the Jago and slum travellers in Victorian England

Zeynep Harputlu, King’s College London


Zola’s sensory explorations of Second Empire Paris

Julia Kröger, University of Paderborn


‘Illth’ and the Historian: Nineteenth-Century Social Criticism and the development of Urban History

Alexander Hutton, University of Cambridge


3.4 Building new senses into the modern city


Reshaping urban experiences: Mancunian experiments in modernity after the Second World War

Alistair Kefford, University of Manchester


Imagining the future of city traffic: urban transport and technology in 1960s Britain

Richard Harrison, University of Leicester


The motor car and traffic architecture: Post-war planning in Birmingham, 1950-73

Matthew Parker, University of Leicester


Friday 30 March 2012

09.00-10.30 Session 4: parallel sessions


4.1 Sights and Sounds in the City


Up on the roof: uses and representations of New York rooftops, 1870-2012

Catherine Séguin, University of Montreal


Colouring emotions: excitement, nostalgia and the provincial city centre from 1945
Lucy Faire and Denise McHugh, University of Leicester


Laughter, or the expression of emotions as a reception of modern urbanism in the fifties

Olivier Ratouis, University Montaigne Bordeaux 3



4.2 Planning the Modern Sensescape


Sense and censorship in Barcelona

Gary W. McDonogh, Bryn Mawr College


The multi-sensuous memories of the inhabited landscape: Suburban spaces in Helsinki (Finland) in the 1950s and 1960s

Kirsi Saarikangas, University of Helsinki


Bitter opposition?: responses to modernist planning in Australian cities 1960s-70s

Jenny Gregory, University of Western Australia



4.3 Fragrant cities: experiencing, marketing and mapping urban smellscapes over time


Urban smellscapes: deodorised centres or scented spaces?

Victoria Henshaw, University of Manchester


Taking the air? Smelling the smokestacks? Olfactory branding and the city

Dominic Medway, University of Manchester, and Gary Warnaby, University of Liverpool


Telling a smelly spatial story: mapping smells and smelling maps

Chris Perkins, University of Manchester, and Kate McLean, Canterbury Christ Church University



10.30-11.00 Coffee


11.00-12.45 Session 5: Final Plenary Session: Moving Senses



A theory, an experiment and a failed instrument: regulating traffic, structuring congestion in London, c.1863-1870

Carlos López Galviz


Under London By Rail (1863-1914)

Richard Dennis, UCL


Comments by Alan Mayne, University of South Australia


12.45 Closing remarks


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