Journée d’études “Industry and the City in Europe and Japan. Tokyo, Paris, London, Kyoto and Osaka 1770-1930” (7 juin 2016, EHESS)

Industry and the City in Europe and Japan.

Tokyo, Paris, London, Kyoto and Osaka 1770-1930

June 7, 2016 – EHESS, Paris

This workshop seeks to explore industry’s interface with the urban fabric in a comparative perspective. The goal is to bring together emerging research on Japanese urban industrial cities with research results on their counterparts in France and England.

Specifically, the workshop will focus on mapping of the industrial activity onto the urban fabric of Tokyo, Paris, London, Osaka. Our investigation will revolve around the following questions: How does industrial activity invest a city? How does industry map onto an existing urban fabric? If and how does it map onto existing artisanal spaces? How intensification of industrial activity recasts old and forges new spatial configurations in an urban setting?

In Japan, the urban fabric of early modern Edo was strongly determined by the social status stratification with clear reflection in residence patterns. When in late Tokugawa period, the system of mandatory residence of domain lords in Edo (sankin kôtai) was dismantled, a large number of domain residences in Tokyo came to be abandoned. Did Tokyo industry emerge in the artisanal heart of the city or did abandoned domain residents and gardens provide fertile grounds for small scale industrial activity? In the case of Osaka, before 1880s, little suggested that it would become one of two principal industrial cities of Japan and the capital of the chemical industry. How did chemical industry come to inhabit Osaka between 1890 and 1920? How did chemical installation affect the urban fabric of the city?


Stéphane Frioux

Maître de conférences en histoire contemporaine, université Lyon 2 Chercheur au LARHRA, UMR CNRS 5190 Président du RUCHE (2017-2019 et 2019-2021)

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