Appel à communications : Memory and City

Memory and City, Colloque organisé les 14-16 septembre 2011, par l’University of Witwaterstrand (Wits) l’University of Johannesburg (UJ), à Johannesburg.

Date-limite : 31 mars 2011

The event will consist of a two day colloquium, organized at the University of Witwaterstrand
(Wits) and University of Johannesburg (UJ); one day of site visits to some of emblematic
neighbourhoods of Johannesburg as far as the subject of urban memory in South Africa is
concerned; and a film screening and debate at the Alliance Francaise in Johannesburg. It is
anticipated that the academic fields represented will range from urban history, geography,
anthropology, heritage studies and urban sociology. The intention is to go beyond the frame
of “African studies” and to connect experiments and reflections from all corners of what is
now a global issue: for instance, the recent progress of French memory collection works in the
Paris suburbs, under the impetus of the DIV (Inter-ministerial Delegation for the City) since 2005,
reflects the relevance of the theme even for cities that would appear to have come to terms
with the issue of memory a long time ago. This would allow us to put into perspective the
specificities of research work on memory in “African cities”. We hope to initiate a real
dialogue between researchers on this topic.

Informations supplémentaires sur le site :[Memory%20and%20City%20Conference]

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