HyperCities geohistorical visualization of Rhodri Windsor Liscombe’s pape

Annonce des éditeurs de “Urban History”: 

The Editors of Urban History <http://cup.msgfocus.com/c/158V8pfVhLhH7kgpls>  are pleased to announce the release of their latest multimedia companion. It is a HyperCities geohistorical visualization of Rhodri Windsor Liscombe’s paper, which contains links to the original article. This interactive resource presents a selection of the chiefly visual discourse of planning in Vancouver 1945-1965. While concentrating on the Reconstruction era, the archival materials included begin with the picturing and imagining of the city during the 1920s.  You can freely access both the article and multimedia companion until 31st October 2011 here <http://cup.msgfocus.com/c/158V8Ougdz64ov0I8f> . Online subscribers get complete access to all current Urban History content, the entire multimedia material collection <http://cup.msgfocus.com/c/158V9dIB9mUrFFL0V2>  and the online bibliography, so if your library doesn’t already subscribe recommend <http://cup.msgfocus.com/c/158V9CWW5aIOWQvjHP>  Urban History to your librarian today. 

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