AAC: Markets and Migration: Ethnic Spaces in the Urban Landscape – congrès The Society of Architectural Historians 2021

La SFHU Signale :
CFP: Markets and Migration: Ethnic Spaces in the Urban Landscape
Society of Architectural Historians, Montreal, April 14-18, 2021
Deadline for submission: June 3, 2020
Abstracts and papers are expected to be written and delivered in English
Studies of the global city have mainly centered on understanding the flows of finance capital and the consequences of neo-liberal policies that support corporate and private interests. Urban governance and commerce are often discussed through a macro-lens, and migration is commonly recognized as a consequence to the movements of capital and information. Overlooked are the ways in which the urban built environment has long been shaped intentionally by immigrants who find and make work often at the margins of these larger developments, creating their own particular transnational flows of goods, communication, and knowledge and claiming agency through transient and local acts of reuse, adaptation, and manipulation of structures, materials, and objects.
This session focuses on the role migration has had in defining the identities of cities and their neighborhoods, examining how immigrants have shaped the urban landscape through commercial and mixed-use developments such as strip-malls, corner shops, and market stalls. The study of these interstitial spaces demands architectural analyses that can address ancillary spatial practices, global and transnational exchanges, markets and movements of people, goods, and symbols specific to urban minorities. We welcome papers that address the ways in which commercial endeavors by immigrants, defined by the particular locale, have contributed to the forms and histories of a given city at all geographical and temporal scales from the environmental, historical to the ephemeral, from the storefront, street, neighborhood, to the region. Topics that address social identity formation, place-making, and self-representation through building and using commercial and mixed-use spaces are encouraged. We especially appreciate contributions that provide a methodological counterpoint to macro-analyses of the concept of global cities with micro-histories that focus on the particularities of a given site and the agency of immigrant urban actors.
Session Chairs: Arijit Sen, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Min Kyung Lee, Bryn Mawr College
For questions, please feel free to send us an email at sena@uwm.edu and mlee9@brynmawr.edu
Submission Guidelines: 
Abstracts must be under 300 words.
The title cannot exceed 65 characters, including spaces and punctuation.
Abstracts and titles must follow the Chicago Manual of Style.
Only one abstract per conference by an author or co-author may be submitted. A maximum of two (2) authors per abstract will be accepted. Please attach a two-page CV in PDF format.
Abstracts are to be submitted online using the link: https://www.sah.org/2021/call-for-papers

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Cédric Feriel (2020, 27 avril). AAC: Markets and Migration: Ethnic Spaces in the Urban Landscape – congrès The Society of Architectural Historians 2021. Histoire Urbaine. Consulté le 24 juin 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/u4py

Cédric Feriel

Maître de Conférences en histoire contemporaine Université Rennes 2 / EA 7468 Tempora Groupe de recherche Inventer le Grand Paris

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