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Gentes de mar en la ciudad atlántica medieval People of the sea in the Atlantic town in the Middles Ages Le gens de mer dans la ville atlantique au Moyen Âge Julio / July / Juillet – 26-29, 2011 Sede del congreso / Venue / Lieu du congrès “Centro Cultural de la Fundación Caja Rioja” Calle Yuso 3-5, Nájera (La Rioja) España / Spain / Espagne

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The Sport and Leisure History Seminar Summer Symposium: ‘Sport and Leisure in Suburbs and New Towns: Communities, Identities and Interactions’ 21st-22nd July, 2011 Hosted by the Institute of Historical Research, London

Leisure & Suburbia Conference – Registration Document Thursday, 21 July 10:00  Centre-Periphery Dynamics and Leisure in London v     Professor Matthew Cragoe (University of Sussex) The Rise and Fall of the Red House at Battersea:...